Our Packaging

Zero waste and plastic free shopping are key to the protection of our planet.

At Flawless we have carefully sourced the most sustainable, eco friendly packaging for each of our products. 

Our product containers

All of our products are dispensed into recycled glass bottles and jars or recycled aluminium containers, which makes them eco-friendly, refillable and gorgeous to look at.  Unlike plastic, glass and aluminium are sustainable, non-leaching and infinitely recyclable which means you can reuse the containers as many times as you like!  Using refillable packaging also helps you cut down on the use of single plastic waste.
You can even purchase our containers wholesale!
Why we love them:
  • Refillable & recyclable

  • Glass is sustainable and non-leaching

  • Secure which means no leaks or spillage

  • Gets you one step closer to your zero waste living!



Our postal packaging

In a further aim to protect the precious wildlife and natural resources of our planet, we only use postal packaging that is 100% compostable. This includes:

  • Eco friendly cardboard boxes made from recycled paper.
  • Biodegradable void fill, aka packing peanuts. These are 100% plant based, made from cornstarch and completely dissolve in water. When you receive your next order, hold one under the tap and watch it disappear!
  • Shipping labels made from recycled paper.
  • Packing bags made from sugar cane.
  • We also reuse postal packaging from our suppliers whenever possible.