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Eco Reed Diffuser - Opulence: Wild Plum and Damascan Rose

Eco Reed Diffuser - Opulence: Wild Plum and Damascan Rose

What We Love

• Scent Description: Juicy berry notes of plum complimented with luxury floral roses
• Handmade with high-quality oils
• A zero waste home fragrance option

This divine scent is perfect for those who love to indulge in a little luxury. Let its juicy notes of sweet plums, combined with its touch of delicate roses, envelop you and take you on an elevated journey through impassioned aromas. Transform your spaces into a sensually tranquil paradise with our Opulence reed diffuser – perfect for those looking to enhance their well-being while adding style to any room!

What’s especially great about this diffuser is how uncomplicated it is to use. Enjoy its pleasant scent that invokes harmonious bliss gently and without fail – no sprays needed! And since these reeds don’t need changing every few weeks like other forms of diffusers, you can be rest assured knowing its elegant fragrance will linger in your home long-term without hassle. 

Each 80ml bottle will impart fragrance for up to 2 months.

Each reed diffuser comes with:

6 eco-friendly fibre based reeds

1 rattan decorative flower reed

Amber glass bottle with 80ml of hand blended fragrance.

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