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Cooling Massage Balm - Flawless Professional

Cooling Massage Balm - Flawless Professional


The Flawless Professional Cooling Massage Balm effortlessly melts away tension and stress from the body, delivering a refreshing and invigorating sensation. Infused with a unique blend of natural ingredients, including cooling agents like menthol and soothing botanical extracts, this balm revitalizes the senses and promotes deep relaxation.

Designed to cater to professionals, the Flawless Professional Cooling Massage Balm is perfect for massage therapists, or anyone seeking a moment of tranquility at home. Its luxurious texture glides smoothly over the skin, releasing nourishing properties with each stroke. The cooling effect of the balm eases muscle discomfort and promotes a sense of calm, making it an essential companion on the journey to total well-being.

Beyond its incredible sensory experience, the Flawless Professional Cooling Massage Balm offers additional benefits. The carefully selected ingredients of menthol and peppermint cool and soothe sore muscles while mango butter and almond oil nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it supple, soft, and revitalised. Bid farewell to dry, tired skin and embrace the refreshing embrace of this balm.

Rest assured, the Flawless Professional Cooling Massage Balm is crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients, ensuring its effectiveness and safety for all skin types. Free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and artificial fragrances, it prioritises the well-being of its users.

Cooling Massage Balm available in:

Salon Supersize: 250ml

Salon Retail: 30ml

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Mangifera indica (mango) seed Butter, Prunus dulcis (almond) oil, Olea europaea fruit wax, Euphorbia antisyphilitica,(candellila) wax, Menthol, Mentha piperita leaf oil, Melaleuca leucadendron cajuputi leaf oil. *Limonene, *Linalool, *Geraniol

*occurs naturally in essential oils

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